Judith Diane Routhier

ARCADIA — An Arcadia woman has been arrested and charged with premeditated murder in relation to a May 26 shooting on the 500 block of N. Lee Ave., according to a DeSoto County Jail booking report.

Judith Diane Routhier, 71, and her grandson, whose name and age were redacted in the report, told officers they had been fighting with the grandson’s father, Stanley Magielnicki, leading up to the shooting, which was reported to have occurred around 10:30 p.m. Tuesday.

When they arrived at the scene, Arcadia Police found Magielnicki lying on the kitchen floor with several gunshot wounds.

Magielnicki, whose age was not listed in the report, was later pronounced deceased by responding paramedics.

In the report, Routhier said she shot Magielnicki because she was tired of the way the father had been treating her and the grandson.

Routhier went on to say that the mistreatment was mental, not physical; however, she then stated that Magielnicki did strike her, according to the report.

During the argument, Routhier said she began hitting Magielnicki with a pan several times.

The grandson told officers that he and Routhier asked Magielnicki for $100,000 so they could move away; Magielnicki said no to the request.

The grandson said Magielnicki’s response enraged the two and that he also hit Magielnicki with his hands.

Routhier said she then picked up the gun (a .45 colt revolver) that was on the counter and shot Magielnicki until the gun was empty.

She said she did own the gun and did not know how it got on the counter.

In the investigation, the grandson later admitted that he went and got the gun, set it on the counter and said “let’s end this” to Routhier.

The grandson said he did not directly tell Routhier to shoot Magielnicki but that he felt she knew what he meant.

The Arcadia Police Department also arrested the grandson; however, charges in that arrest were not available.

Amendments were made later to the booking report for Routhier but those changes were also not available at the time of this report.


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