While so many graduating seniors around the nation are not getting the chance to capture memories of a high school prom experience, one lucky young man in Port Charlotte was crowned prom king on Saturday evening.

A residence on a quiet street was decked out with pk彩票 prom swag, and a social distancing party was thrown including music, food, family and friends. Tables were setup 6-feet apart and each guest was provided with a party favor — a pocket size scented hand sanitizer — at the celebration.

Darcy Woods “adopted” Charlotte High School graduating senior Rasheed Shackleford and organized an outdoor prom for Rasheed and his girlfriend, Alyssa Stewart.

Alyssa was included in the planning process and with the help of her mother, Renee Stewart, and some very good friends, they provided a surprise prom for Rasheed.

“I had no idea,” Rasheed said. “I thought it was strange that she had her phone turned off all day, but her effort was very big. This was a very nice idea.”

The party took place at the Woods’ residence.

Rasheed’s mother told him they were going to be re-shooting some senior photos and suggested he wear his pk彩票coming outfit on Saturday night.

Woods has three sons and all of them are good friends with Rasheed. They play basketball together at Charlotte High School.

“I figured if he can’t go to the prom — we’ll bring the prom to him,” Woods said.

Renee said she was just informed about the surprise last week, and has since been working together with friends to organize all the details.

“He’s a good kid and he’s been feeling very sad he is missing out on all the senior activities he’s been looking forward to,” Renee said. “If anyone deserves this, it’s him. I am beyond excited for him to have this moment.”

There are several vacant lots around Woods’ pk彩票 so there was plenty of room to socialize from a distance.

Several neighbors walking their dog that evening shouted “Happy Prom” from the road.

Alyssa was dressed in a blue prom dress and brought crowns, sashes, a corsage and boutonniere as well as a poster asking “Will You Be my Prom King?”

“He’s had a rough couple of months,” Alyssa said. “Seeing the smile on his face makes it all worth it.”

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