Ally Joseph Genestant

PORT CHARLOTTE — A New Year’s Eve carjacking that has gone unsolved for months caught a break recently when DNA testing connected a Charlotte County teen to a handgun involved in the crime.

Ally Joseph Genestant, 17, was arrested after Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office deputies conducted a search warrant on the family pk彩票 of Genestant on the morning of May 8, according to a CCSO report.

Genestant was arrested and interviewed in reference to the New Year’s Eve crimes. During the interview, Genestant made damaging statements, including his intent and participation on the night of December 31, 2019, as well as the theft of the firearm.

Around 10 p.m. December 31, 2019, CCSO deputies were dispatched to a Sunoco gas station at 2483 Tamiami Trail, Port Charlotte in response to a gunshot call.

The victim, a Lyft driver, said he was picking up a customer near Kenmore Street. While driving down Wardell Avenue, the driver saw someone standing in the path of his vehicle.

The suspect then stepped in front of the Lyft driver’s vehicle, pointing a small semiautomatic pistol in his direction.

The driver thought he was being carjacked so he lowered his body and sped past the suspect, who fired two rounds at the vehicle.

The driver described the suspect to be 16-19 years of age, approximately 5’07” tall and wearing a charcoal gray hoodie with lighter colored jeans and a white surgical mask over the lower part of his face.

Crime scene technicians found two projectiles — bullets — in the vehicle during processing.

Around the same time, a CCSO lieutenant responded to the area of Newton Street and Wardell Avenue for reported gunshots. During the response, the lieutenant stopped on Quesada Boulevard to speak with another victim who was just a short distance from the area of the reported gunshots.

The victim, an Uber driver, said he had been carjacked by a male wearing a dark blue hoodie, long pants, and a white triangle bandana on his face, according to the report.

The victim said the suspect ordered him to get out of the vehicle and to empty his pockets. He complied.

The victim said the vehicle was traveling south on Kensington Street away from Quesada Avenue and the taillights were still visible.

The lieutenant attempted to stop the suspect in the stolen vehicle using his emergency lights but the suspect failed to comply.

The suspect fled at a high rate of speed, misjudged an intersection and came to a stop in the front yard of a house on Wardell Avenue.

The suspect continued to flee on foot through backyards, discarding the firearm.

After a perimeter was set, K9 and aviation details were used in the search but were unsuccessful.

The vehicle and firearm were processed by crime scene technicians.

On Friday, May 8, the results of the DNA samples taken from the handgun matched that of Genestant, who was also suspected in a November 2019 theft case where a handgun and other items were removed from a locked CCSO agency vehicle.

The handgun utilized during these crimes was identified as the personal firearm of a Charlotte County deputy.

Genestant was transported to the Charlotte County Jail and charged with grand theft of a firearm valued more than $300 from an authorized emergency vehicle, burglary to an unoccupied conveyance, armed shooting into an unoccupied conveyance, and carjacking with a firearm.

It is unclear whether Genestant is still detained at the jail. Bond for Genestant could not be determined at the time of this news story.


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