Happy June from all of us at Elsie Quirk Library.

Even in what we used to refer to as "normal times" it's easy to forget what season it is in Florida. And in this time of norm-upheaval, we are collectively losing the sense of days, never mind months. Perhaps this is a good time to explore surrealism, or the theory of time, or the concept of normalcy.

We are here for that.

Place a hold to pick up books or movies and we'll get them to you curbside. Try "Reality is Not what it Seems" to explore the complex — yet accessible — questions of time and space and existence asked by Carlo Rovelli. Or explore the bending of time through an engaging novel, like the "Psychology of Time Travel," by Kate Mascarenhas, or "Here and Now and Then," by Mike Chen.

Rather watch a movie? Have a time-and-reality-warp film festival by checking out "Looper," "Arrival," "Your Name," and "Open Your Eyes."

Use the Sarasota County Libraries website to access our digital Fine Arts and Music Database of magazine and journal articles — where you can read about the collaboration between Salvador Dali and Walt Disney, or about surrealism and liberty in Egypt, or about women surrealists in Mexico.

While you’re perusing our digital resources, check out Hoopla to stream music and movies — see how many time themed songs you can find.

If you prefer to stick to perceiving time as existing in the fashion to which we have become accustomed, and you just want June to be June, we are also here for that.

June is full of many celebrations, including it being Pride Month; celebrating the freedom to be oneself right out loud, to define and accept oneself, speaks to my librarian heart. Libraries on the whole have readily embraced Pride Month, and I think that is because libraries at their best are enthusiastic about accepting everyone, across all spectrums, identities, backgrounds and belief systems.

I think it is also because libraries care deeply about community, and about the individuals that make up a community. We know that creating a public space where everyone is welcome, where everyone belongs, where everyone can find themselves reflected and supported, not only enhances and eases lives, it sometimes saves lives.

The history and symbolism of Pride Month illustrates these resonant principles in a way that is joyful and fun as well as meaningful and profound, and that is a rare gift.

Whatever you may be celebrating in June, we at Elsie Quirk are here to provide resources, ideas, distractions, assistance, inspiration, or just a familiar friendly voice.

Let us know how we can help by calling us at 941-861-1203.

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