pk彩票Dr. Thomas Lohstreter

Dr. Thomas Lohstreter

ENGLEWOOD — An Englewood doctor facing multiple charges of sexual battery on patients in his care turned himself in on additional charges as more victims have come forward, the Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office reported Monday.

Dr. Thomas Lohstreter was arrested May 6 on sexual battery charges. Since news spread about his arrest, “seven additional victims came forward and disclosed similar complaints about Lohstreter regarding his actions while they were under his medical care,” the Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office reported Monday.

Lohstreter now faces an additional six counts of battery and one count of lewd or lascivious molestation on an elderly victim. He turned himself in to the sheriff’s office Friday night on the new warrants and was released Saturday on $29,000 bond.

The original charges stem from complaints by four women who told investigators Lohstreter touched their breasts and genitals inappropriately during exams, while nurses were not present. The alleged incidents happened at South County Medical Center, 579 S. Indiana Ave., Englewood.

The Sun reported March 28 that the Florida Department of Health issued an emergency order suspending Lohstreter’s medical license after allegations of sexual misconduct reported by a female patient at South County Medical Center.

The first complaint came from a patient who said she was seeing Lohstreter on Dec. 23 after becoming ill due to a change in medication. “During her appointment and once a female nurse left the room, Lohstreter reportedly examined her breasts and exposed her genitals for an unknown reason,” the sheriff’s office reported.

Other women filed similar complaints with the Sheriff’s Office dating back to October of 2019, according to court records. One said he was touching his own genital area while examining the patient’s. The incidents documented in the reports ranged from October, a short time after Lohstreter began working at the clinic, to January pk彩票.

On Friday night, Lohstreter turned himself into the Sarasota County Correctional Facility after detectives issued several new warrants for his arrest, based on the seven additional complaints.

Lohstreter, who pleaded not guilty on May 13 and asked for a jury trial, is due in court again on June 19.

According to court documents, once released on bond, Lohstreter of Sarasota is not allowed within 500 feet of any of the victim’s vehicles or pk彩票s.

Court records show one of the victims is considered physically disabled. During a March exam, the victim told investigators she was groped by Lohstreter. She said he adjusted his groin areas over his clothes during the exam. She said she emotionally shut down during the exam said cried on the way pk彩票 and immediately told her husband. She filed a report with the Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office.

Another victim said in October, Lohstreter told her he needed to do a gynecological exam and touched her breasts and rubbed her private area. The woman sat up on the exam table as the doctor allegedly started palpitating. The patient said she wasn’t there for a breast or pelvic exam. She said the doctor spoke to her about her sex life and birth control choice. He also adjusted his groin area over his clothes during the exam, court documents show.

The woman said she told her boyfriend and mother about the incident. When she returned to learn of her lab results in order to be prescribe a prescription, she took her mother with her. However, her mother was asked to wait in the lobby. The victim said the doctor insisted she get a pap smear and have her IUD birth control device removed.

The victim said she didn’t report it at first because she didn’t think anyone would believe her. She told investigators Lohstreter said men didn’t like to be poked by the IUD during sex.

State Attorney Ed Brodsky said, “If there are others who come forward, they should call the Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office and ask for the detective investigating who is familiar with the case,” he said.

Anyone with additional information or concerns related to Lohstreter is urged to contact the Criminal Investigations Section at 941-861-4900.


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