Jani-King employees disinfecting the terminal at Punta Gorda Airport last week.

Allegiant Travel pk彩票 is hoping to bring some customers back to the skies by offering complimentary health and safety kits,

The kits will include a single-use face mask, a pair of disposable non-latex gloves and two sanitizing wipes. Airline staff will distribute these kits to customers as they board their flights starting this week.

“The coming weeks and months will undoubtedly bring many changes, as communities across the country begin the process of safely re-opening, and events and occasions we’ve all been looking forward to are rescheduled,” said Allegiant COO Scott Sheldon “Our 4,500 Allegiant team members across America are — as always — one hundred percent focused on making sure your travels are as safe and seamless as possible.”

Allegiant will provide the kits indefinitely, according to Allegiant spokesperson Sonya Padgett.

Crew members will also be wearing masks on board, as well as routinely cleaning and disinfecting the aircraft and treating them with an advanced antimicrobial protectant that kills viruses, germs and bacteria on contact for 14 days.

Allegiant Air, the sole air carrier at Punta Gorda Airport and one of nine air carriers at Sarasota-Bradenton International Airport, significantly reduced capacity for April and May up to 90% across their network, Padgett said last month, due to decreased demand to travel because of the coronavirus.

“We are thrilled that Allegiant is implementing these measures to give passengers the confidence to fly,” said PGD spokesperson Kaley Miller. “We hope that with the cooperation of all our terminal partners working together, from Allegiant to concessions, security screening and Airport Authority staff, that passengers will feel comfortable flying and the numbers will start climbing once again.”

PGD saw a 31% decrease in passengers between March 2019 and March pk彩票 — typically the airport’s busiest month.

Since the COVID-19 outbreak, PGD has additional staff cleaning the facility more frequently, using an atomizing sprayer, and has implemented additional hand sanitizer stations throughout the airport. The airport also hired Jani-King disinfection services to disinfect the entire terminal last week.

Sarasota Airport CEO Rick Piccolo said Tuesday he has not yet seen the aforementioned kits but thinks they will have a positive effect on Allegiant’s traffic at SRQ. Many other airlines at SRQ are requiring passengers to wear face masks when flying, but he is not aware of airlines handing out kits.

Additionally, the Sarasota airport has implemented a number of initiatives to ensure passenger health and safety, such as placing Plexiglas sneeze shields at ticket counters, hand-sanitizer stations throughout the terminal, increasing janitorial staff by 50%, 6-foot spacing stickers at all queuing lines, requiring all airport employees to wear face masks in public areas and more.


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