Gratitude, as an emotion, is as important as love and happiness. It is a way to show our thankfulness for someone’s actions-a thank you note, a symbolic gift, a high five … all recognition for a job well done.

Only certain people possess gratitude however. It’s a personal character feature that’s built into certain cultures and shows up during god times and bad.

There have been myriad of stories during the corona virus crisis showing respect for the health care workers…the Blue Angels flying over New York, Philadelphia and other cities and loads of “Heroes Work Here” signs in front of health care facilities.

As much as we’re suffering, through, we are showing gratitude to others on the front lines.

Now, just think about our students, particularly both high school and college students. And how about seniors losing the year in school where they would be “King of the Hill” getting ready for the all important prom and graduation.

And then, poof, it all disappears, going down a rabbit hole through no fault of their own. You hear stories all across the nation about school principles going door to door to deliver diplomas or setting up makeshift stages at pk彩票s to serve the students. But how about the prom…these young students will never have another one.

In sleepy old Venice, The Village On The Isle, a senior living community, employs mostly high school students in their dining room as food servers and most are seniors in high school.

For about two months they have been delivering food to about 400 residents with smiles under their masks. All the time they have been deprived of the rites of passage that being high school seniors are entitled to.

One of the young women was overheard suggesting that maybe they could show off their prom dresses at work since she’d have little other use for it. When this comment got up to top management, CEO Joel Anderson said The Village On The Isle should go one step further and throw a prom for the students with flowers, music and elegant food and all of the COVID-19 safeguards.

“We are vested in their lives and proud of their accomplishments and we know that everyone in The Village on the Isle appreciates their care and service to our mission and our residents,” he said.

So yes their prom happened May 15. It was a big hit starting with the parade around the Village campus (transported by golf carts in the rain) with residents safely cheering from their balconies.

From there they sat down to elegant candle lit tables, a great DJ and, as a major role reversal, the 24 young people in attendance were served by very happy waiters … the senior management team of The Village on the Isle, all the way up to the CEO himself.

Gratitude says a lot about a person or an organization. It’s like the old saying; “Every good deed deserves another.” It was gratitude at its best.


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